Authors of A+ LMS

The A+ LMS project was launched by the Learning + Technology research group at Aalto University as a solution for integrating multiple online learning services. The original source project A+ (now referred to as A+ portal) is introduced in a paper Service-Oriented Approach to Improve Interoperability of E-Learning Systems (2013) by Karavirta, V. & Ihantola, P. & Koskinen, T. Since then, the project has adopted and created new services to support a wider range of requirements (a comprehensive list on components page).

Today, the A+ LMS project is led by the Educational Technology Development and Integration Team (EDIT) in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University, but there are many more contributors, mainly from Tampere University, in addition to Aalto.

Main architects and designers

Currently the project is spearheaded by:

Other core team members:

Past project heads:

Past core team members:

In addition, the following people have contributed to the project:

This is a list of all commit authors from git repositories under A+ LMS and repositories strongly related to it, excluding people mentioned above.

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