A+ is an interoperable and extendable Learning Management System (A+ LMS, apluslms) that uses a combination of services to enable teachers to fully customize their e-learning materials and to combine different kinds of materials flexibly. Today, several web services and build tools are included in the A+ software family (see components).

A+ is extensively used at Aalto University and Tampere University. In Aalto, there are around 25 courses, 4,000 Aalto users, 1,000 MOOC users and 500,000 exercise submissions per year (2018). Software is well suited and tested in the computer science, but it works for other subjects too.



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Join our mailing list to receive announcements on new features, bug fixes, and events. apluslms@googlegroups.com reaches also the core team of developers. Bugs can be reported at github.com/apluslms/a-plus/issues.

In recent years, the main users and developers of the system have originated from Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology in Finland. We warmly welcome Github pull requests for updates and fixes. New ideas can be discussed at apluslms.slack.com or specific events.