1. Components

Error summary Beta

An error summary is used to present validation errors of a form.

Use this component at the top of a page (or an exercise-view) to summarise any errors a user has made when submitting a form.

<div class="error-summary">
	<div class="error-summary__text">
		<h4>Submission failed</h4>
		<p>Check your answers before trying again</p>
			<li><strong>Label of the field: </strong>error message from the system</li>

General guidelines

  • You should always present the status of the submission or alternatively a heading indicating that there was a problem. For exercises the heading “Submission failed” has been generally used.

  • Provide the name of the field with the error and preferably a link to the erroneous field. Add the error message from the system after the name of the field.

  • Move keyboard focus to the error summary.

  • Use the same error message for the field and the error summary, for instance “Input should be a number”.

  • Make your error messages clear and concise.

Known issues

  • The current error summary does not provide links to the specific fields which have errors.
  • There is no consistent heading text yet for other types of forms than exercise forms.

Location of the error summary

Use at the top of a view. In most cases, a view is one web page, but there might be some exceptions:

  • A modal window is one view and is distinct from the page it is on top of.
  • An embedded exercise is one view, providing is has a clear border.

Discuss this

If you have questions, ideas for improvements or feedback on using these guidelines, you can join the disucssion in this GitHub issue.