Architecture of A+ LMS

Flexibility from microservices

What is A+ LMS?

A+ is a learning management system.

  • features of any LMS

Why A+ when there is other systems?


Why multiple services?

A+: the student interface

  • handles auth
  • access control: student, assistant, teacher
  • bookkeeping: points, submissions
  • notifications: exercise is graded, feedback from staff

Learning content

  • A+ doesn't care where the content comes from
  • Content is served via A+
  • anything that is HTML / CSS / javascript
  • submissions tracked by A+

Exercise assessment

  • Simple protocol
  • Easy to create custom grading service


Other assessment services

External & Utility services

Material authoring

  • ariel - formelly known as a-plus-rst-tools

Test on your machine

Push for production

Automatic update

A+ and other services are automatically updated

Share material

A lot of existing work!

Ohjelmointi 1 & 2, Studio 2

Scala exercises

Animated storytelling

JSVEE code animations

Example code annotations

Questionnaires with specific hints

Git tutorial (Studio 2)

Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1 & Y2

Python exercise

UML modelling (Y2)

A lot of existing work!

Data Structures and Algorithms Y & S.

JSAV visual algorithm exercises


Relational algebra

SQL queries

Tietotekniikka sovelluksissa

Numpy, Matlab, LabVIEW, SQL, HTML

A lot of existing work!

Mobile Cloud Computing

Assess Android software with a virtual screen

Web Software Development

Assess web code using virtual web browser automation

Exercises submitted as git repository

Nearly anything is possible with containers!



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